no one is showing up to this blog my hits are down and no one comes if some new people or people at least come soon then I will keep this site going if not, and no one comes I am going to delete this site. Just so you all know it will probably be a week or two before..well you know.


The title says it all the game is gone maybe never to be played again so I hope you had fun playing while you could. There are other games missing such as the Chef Challenge.


Sorry I haven’t been posted in a few days I have been kinda busy. Any ways there is going to be a trading card series 3 coming out sometime no one knows when. These will be super cool the packs will come in three different colors red, blue and yellow. These cool new cards will also be coming with a new kind of card in the pack. The sticker card! There are puzzle peices on the back of the sticker card. Each pack includes the following: 1 sticker card, 4 trading cards and 1 feature code card. Collect all 36 of them to make a poster.

Join the search for the Magical Retriever. That’s right a Magical new pet has arrive in Webkinz World, and it can only be found in the series 3 trading card packs! Exciting new art, full card imaes and a sticker in every pack! Look for Plush Profilez foil cards and full photo sparkle stickers as well. It is the best set yet!

Lets thank gymbos blog for the awsome info.

Summer sensation took place today. As everyone probably knows there was a gift given out. And there was a chance to spin the super wheel all day today. In case you haven’t recived it yet it is place settings (for your table). Also, the ancient flooring was in the curio shop today at 3 and I got it. I was 1500 kc and unfortunatly I don’t (and never do) have a lot of kinzcash I am now broke. Also for the the first time today when I tried to buy two ancient floors it said I had already bought one so I couldn’t buy another. I know an anouncement went up for that a while ago but it never happened until today. Is this the same for you? So, I went on my other acount and bought one and sent it to my other acount. Anyways Happy Summer Sensation!

It’s official, all the Webkinz and Lil’ Kinz that we showed you a few days ago are going to be shipped to retailers for the August release!

I’ve also been able to confirm from webkinzinsider an official Ganz image of the virtual rendition of these August Webkinz.  Again, these are the Webkinz Caramel Lion, Webkinz American Albino Horse, Webkinz Skunk, Webkinz Fantail Goldfish, Webkinz Manatee, Webkinz Cocoa Dinosaur, Webkinz Silverback Gorilla, Webkinz Deer, Lil’ Kinz Gecko, Lil’ Kinz Lioness and the Lil’ Kinz Blue Jay!

It also appears that webkinz world intends to add to the KinzStyle store items.  Now that we have virtual image of the Fantail Goldfish and the Manatee, we’re sure that this will incite more speculation as to whether these two pets will be in or out of the water!
I can’t wait!! I want the gold fish, the manatee, the blue jay, the deer, the skunk and the caramel lion I better save up!!


Webkinz world will be closed June 25th from 8am to 1pm est. time! Why?! Who knows maybe new items maybe to finish the seccond clubhouse, maybe something else! So, don’t be surprised if you see something new in webkinz world after that unavalability is done just be suprised what it is!!

So, two contests now! At the same time! My blog has now reached a small 100 hits but I still want to celebrate! SO! We are having a………Limerick contest!! Limricks are poems that are funny and they ryhme. They have 5 lines line a, a , b, b, and a. a, a and a all have to ryhme and b and b have to ryhme. Here are are a few examples I made up:

There once was Sam

There was a boy named Sam (a)

His favorite food was ham (a)

he ate it and ate it more and more (b)

until he didn’t fit through any door (b)

So Sam decided to quit his ham (a)

You all know Happy Bunny

he is extremly funny

he has funny lines

that you can buy on posters for only around 500 dimes!

Happy Bunny Funny Bunny has turned even more funny!

(that one isin’t very good and the last word in the last line DOES NOT have to be the same at the last word on the frist or seccond line it just has to ryhme)

The limericks can be about anything. If you have any questions about how they are made ask on this post. Post your limericks on this post. You can only enter once! Add your username too!

So you are wondering what is the prize? Well, my blogger friend webkinz4eva, she will be giving it out. I am judgeing the contest but she will be sending the winner the prize.

The prize is………………………………..Drumroll please!……………………………The Kings Royal Lamp! So go on and start your limerick (again only one) and don’t forget! KEEP THE HEADERS COMEING!!!!